2000 Camaro SS - Worlds Fastest Camaro


I wanted to make this the “Worlds Fastest Camaro”. It started off at 1500 Horsepower street legal. My next build was bumped up to 1800 Horsepower. And then insanity sky rocketed to 2200 HP. Following 2500 RWHP!

Standing Mile Records

• First Time- 215MPH
• Second Time- 239 MPH
• Third Time- 244 MPH
• Fourth Time- 246 MPH
• Fifth Time- 253MPH
• Last Time- 263MPH

Current Status

The last run we made with the car while trying to attempt 270MPH the front tire blew out and flipped numerous times wrecking and totaling out the car.

Horsepower 2800 HP / 2500 RWHP
Speed Record 263 MPH - Standing Mile
Engine 427ci
Twin Turbo (2) 88MM
Rear End 2.56 to 1 Gear Ratio
Roll Cage

Certified by NHRA and Land and Mile Racing Association

Street Legal well....."it was"
Texas Mile October 2012 (263.2 MPH "Worlds Fastest Camaro" with 2500 hp)



2009 Corvette Z06




I bought the car brand new in 2009. At 1000 miles it received a Head and Cam upgrade. Before 1500 miles it got a supercharger upgrade. At 2500 miles I was done playing around! How about 3000 Horsepower for your ass? After the Camaro wrecked I took a 3 month break from racing and decided I wanted more and “I will be back!" And here’s “The Build

Horsepower 2500+RWHP
Speed Record Hoping to break the World's Fastest Corvette Record

• 427 RHS Block
• Mast Black Label Head’s
• Custom Camshaft
• Forged Billet Crankshaft
• Forged Rod’s and Piston’s
• O’ringed heads to the block
• Billet Aluminum Intake Manifold (Built by LME)
• Direct Nitrous Injection (Built by Nitrous Outlet)
• 108 MM Throttle Body
• 235 Pound Injectors


• Fully Custom Build by (KP Racing)
• Billet Face Plated
• G-Force Gear Set
• Dry Slump Oil System
• 4 Disc Carbon Clutch by RPS
• Lot’s of other Secret’s in this Transmission

Rear End

• 2.56 to 1 Gear Ratio
• Quaife Rear End

Suspension • PFADT Complete Racing Suspension
Turbo System

• Completely built by KP Racing
• Twin Turbo (2) 88 MM
• Twin Air to Water Intercooler’s
• Twin Ice Boxes (In Trunk)

Roll Cage / Safety Equipment

• Completely built by “Gap Racing” using Chrome Molly
• Certified by NHRA and Land and Mile Racing Association
• Complete Fire Suppression System
• Five Point Simpson Race Belt’s
• Race Seats by Carvaggio

Upcoming Events

• Texas Invitational (October 3-5)
• Texas Mile (October24-26)
• Hoping to break the World’s Fastest Corvette Record

Houston Half Mile 2012 (164mph with 740hp)

Texas Mile October 2013 (195mph with 823hp)

Interview with Mo'Muscle Cars about the Z06

3,000 horsepower Z06 catches some air at 190 mph

Kelly Bise at 1/2 Mile Event

2012 Corvette Grand Sport


I made and ordered the car through the National Corvette Museum. 100 Miles later I started upgrading the car and voiding the warranty. Wow!!! I bought this car to be my daily driver to commute back and forth to work.

Horsepower 1200+ RWHP Turbo Only/ 1500+RWHP with Nitrous
Achievements 180+ MPH - Half Mile (Turbo Only)
Build (1)

• Edelbrock Supercharger, Custom Camshaft, Long Tube Headers.
• RWHP 591
• 1⁄4 Mile Time 10.65

Build (2)

• Edelbrock Supercharger, Custom Camshaft, Ported Heads, Long Tube Headers, Methanol Injection.
• RWHP 680
• 1⁄4 Mile Time 10.40

Build (3) "Last Build"

• Engine: 427 CI
• Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic
• Rear End: 3.15 to 1 Gear Ratio
• Twin Turbo: (2) 67MM
• Direct Nitrous Injection: By Nitrous Outlet
• Methanol Injection
• 6 Point Rollcage
• Twin Air to Water Intercooler’s with Ice Box in the Trunk
• Body Mod’s: Carbon Fiber Hood, Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Spoiler’s, Side Skirt’s, and Rear Diffuser, Pillar Pod’s
• Race Seat’s: Carbon Fiber Seats made by Carvaggio Seats
• Five Point Simpson race Belts
• Fully Functional Interior

Build (1) Video with Late Model Racecraft (591 hp)

2014 Georgia Half Mile Event


2005 Ford GT


This has always been one of my dream cars. With the price steadily rising this was a great collector car to have. This car came stock with 550HP. Within three months it was bumped up to 1000 Horsepower!

Horsepower 800 RWHP
Factory Options

• 1 of 37 Black with Silver Stripe’s with all (4) options
• 1 of 250 with CNC Aluminum Control Arm’s

Engine Engine: 5.4 Liter V8
Supercharger 4.0 Liter Whipple
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Rear End 3.27 to 1 Gear Ratio
Exhaust Borla Long Tube Race Header’s
Dyno Video at KP Racing (792 rwhp)


2014 Camaro ZL1

Goal To make a 1000 HP daily driver that runs on pump gas and runs 10 flat in a 1/4 mile
Horsepower 1000 HP at the crank makes 845 RWHP
Build (1)

• 1/4 time 11.00 ET at 126 MPH
• This was done with 640 RWHP

Build (2) Hoping for 1/4 time of 9.90 ET with the new 845 RWHP

• ERL Performance 416 CI Engine
• Frankenstein Ported Heads
• KP Racing Custom Camshaft

Super Charger • Stock Supercharger ported by LME
• 108 MM Throttle Body
Fuel 93 Octane or E-85 Fuel
Transmission • Stock 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
• Stock Torque Converter re-stalled to 2800 RPM
Rear End

Stock 3.27 to 1 Ratio

Kelly Bise's Camaro Zl1 built by KP Racing

2014 Camaro ZL1 - New Upgrade

Double Trouble


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